Troubled Teen Options

Reasons for Boarding Schools

There are many reasons that parents consider sending their teens to boarding schools. Here is a partial list of reason teens maybe sent to a troubled teen boarding school.

* Defiance to authority

* Failing in school

* Substance abuse

* Alcohol abuse

* Sexual activity

* Breaking curfew

* Fighting in school

* Minor legal troubles

This is not a conclusive list, but a good place to start. Parents have a special gift regarding their kids. Most parents can not tell you exactly what is wrong, but they feel that something is wrong. If you are struggling with a teen and you can not put your finger on anything specific go through the list above. If you are still unsure call our 800 number and talk to one of our specialists.

Legal Troubles

Some court systems will require a teen that has violated the law to attend a boarding type school. This may be a part of their sentence or their probation. Some programs for troubled teens are associated with their states juvenile system. There are also private programs that will accept students that are paid for by the state. Caution should be exercised by parents to assure they do not place their teens in a situation that would create more problems than they previously had. A teen that is just beginning to misbehave will not be best served by being placed in a situation with someone who is selling drugs. A parent would be wise to investigate thoroughly any placement option they are considering. If a teen just beginning down a negative path meets up with a seasoned criminal they will usually come away with an increased ability to misbehave.