Troubled Teen Options

What resources are available to help a troubled teen?

Where can a parent of a troubled teen find help? With the growth of the Internet most parents seeking help for a troubled child are able to find some type of help online. Help for a teen troubled with misbehavior, negative peer pressure, and defiance can be difficult to find but there are options available. Schools for troubled teens, boarding schools, and teen boot camps are popular options for children that can not seem to make it in a regular school setting. Boot camps for troubled teens are designed to work with youth that have been kicked out of school and have no education alternatives. One problem with the troubled teen industry is the lack of lower priced options for parents with limited income. Some Christian boarding schools, and military schools are priced in the low $2,000.00 per month range but other options can be priced as high as $10,000.00 per month. There is help for younger children in the form of a parent self help packet and DVD that can be found here.

How can you save your troubled teen from destroying their life?

Placement in a boarding school or teen boot camp may be just the answer. Schools for troubled teens are becoming a viable option for parents trying to save their child from themselves. Mistakes that are made in youth’s teen years may destroy their chances for success later in life. For a parent stressing with the problems associated with a troubled teen, a teen boot camp or a specialty school designed for such might be just the answer. To help a teen troubled with defiance it may be necessary to place them against their will in a boot camp for troubled teens, a boarding school, or some other type of program. It is difficult to know how soon this type of intervention may be necessary. Our belief is that is better to seek help a little too early than a little too late. Schools for troubled teens are full of youth that are suffering from the negative effects of peer pressure. Most parents can remember the stress of trying to "fit in". The youth of today are also trying to be accepted by their peers. The problem lies in the group that your child may be trying to fit into. Some parents think that as long as their child is not in a gang they must still be ok. Gangs can be a terrible place to end up, but a non gang negative group of friends can also create a lot of problems for an impressionable teen.