Troubled Teen Options

Should Your Teen Go To A Boarding School?

Is your teen a future candidate for a boarding school for troubled teens? How do parents detect that their troubled teenagers are headed for juvenile delinquency? Does the tantrum throwing toddler give a clue? Does the quiet, introverted child betray anti-social tendencies? Does the first grader’s cruel teasing of his little sister mean a bully is growing? Not if such behavior subsides. Not if the child learns to handle their emotions and disputes in an age appropriate manner. “However failure to develop complementary behaviors such as honesty non-aggression and respect for authority figures may lead to problematic behaviors such as the following:


Authority Conflict- Stubborn and defiant behavior disobedience to parents and other authority figures skipping classes or not attending school at all and running away from home as a means of avoiding rules and regulations. Covert Acts- Lying shoplifting property damage (including vandalism and fire-setting) or more serious forms of property damage such as burglary. Overt Acts- Annoying and bullying others physical fighting gang fighting and other violent behaviors such as attacking others with a weapon and sexual assault. If you fear that your child may be heading down a path towards delinquency or is at a high risk for developing these behaviors then keep in mind that prevention is the best solution.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker