Troubled Teen Options

Single Parenting

Single parenting may be one of the most challenging events a person will ever do. Unless the single parent is independently wealthy they will usually need to work to provide financially for their family. Single parenting will also bring with it dynamics of the “other” parent. Some times the greatest challenge to single parenting is dealing with the “other” parent. If the other parent is vengeful toward their ex they may use the child as a source of manipulation. This is very damaging to child and overall progress of both families. Ideally both parents are concerned more about the child and they will work together for the best interest of the child.

Single Parenting a Teen

Single parenting a teen can be more challenging than parenting a child because the teen has a mind of his or her own. The teen also has peer pressures that he or she is dealing with. Single parenting a teen can be much less difficult if both parent’s are working together and if both parents share common goals for the child. Here is a list of items to remember when working with a teen. · The teen’s peers · The dynamics between parents · Other outside influences (Grandparents) · Divorced parent’s new family (new siblings) · The teen’s fears and concerns The teen and other children should be at the forefront of both parent’s minds. It is normal and expected that both parents will disagree on just about everything. The key to successfully parenting a teen comes from both parents agreeing to put their feelings aside and work together for the best interest of the teen. If both parents can achieve this parenting a teen as divorced will probably work out.

Single Parenting a Child

Single parenting a child while challenging can be a positive experience. The key to succeeding as the single parent of a child is communication and sincerity. Children can see through any fake attempt to be involved in their lives. The single parent will need to spend time each day communicating with their child. The lack of communication can send a message to the child that he or she is not important. A parent that has developed communication between themselves and their child will find that open communications can prevent a lot of problems as the child grows and develop into a teen.