Troubled Teen Options

Teen Stress

What causes teen stress?
As the world gets more and more hectic, we are expected to do more and more things. We live in a world that is constantly getting faster and faster. We want things done as soon as possible. Stress is something everyone experiences at on point in their life. Many things can trigger stress, but its how we deal with it that matters. Teens that take on too much find themselves more stressful and less relaxed. School, divorce, taking a test and even being sick all cause stress. Some teens may handle stress better than others but all should learn how to cope with it.

Is teen stress harmful?

Stress is something all teens will have soon or later in their lives. Stress is normal and usually not harmful unless it becomes to much to handle. Sometimes we take on to much and don't realize it untill it's to late and we break. As parents its important to educate our children about stress and how to cope with it. Public schools should be required to teach teens how to deal and cope with stress. When a teen has too much stress and doesnt know what to do about it the results could be dangerous. Teens that don't understand that the feelings that have a caused by stress are the reason they are feeling down.

Ways to deal with teen stress

* One of the best ways to relieve stress is excersise. Most teens hate it but it will have positive results.

* Eating healthy foods is hard, but is a good way to get rid of stress.

* Take a break and let your mind cool down.

* Sit down in a chair and take deep breaths.

* Put things into perspective and prioritze our daily thoughts.

* Always try to plan something fun for yourself each day. Read, take a walk, start a hobby.

* Look at the glass half full and think to yourself how many good things you have in your life.

Troubled teen stress

If your teen is showing signs of rebellion or major behavior problems he may need extra help. Sometimes a teen needs to get away from his environment in order to make positive changes. Sending him to a private boarding school may be the best solution.