Troubled Teen Options

Problems with Success Rates

Boarding schools for troubled teens may be one of the most difficult businesses to define success in. Here is a list of factors that would need to be included in any type of success ratio

* The individual teens personality

* The variables of staff personalities in any program

* Family dynamics

* Substance abuse issues

* Emotional state of teen

* Parental support

* Methods used at programs

* Length of program

* Who collected success ratio information?

* How many teens finish the program?

It is very difficult to obtain an accurate non biased success rate. If motivated to do so, a program could manipulate their success rate by asking qualifying questions in a self serving way. This is not to say that all success rates are not accurate, but success rates are very subjective.

Negative Program Results

There are very few things in life that are 100% successful. Even people coming out of a theme park surveyed, will not produce 100% positive comments. The old adage if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Success rates would be meaningful if it were possible to establish a set of industry standards. There would still be variables that would make a finite success rate difficult but it may level the playing field somewhat regarding the measurement of success.