Troubled Teen Options

Teen Adoption

Teen adoption can have several different meanings. First letís consider the situation associated with a teen being that was adopted as a child. The teen adopted as a child will usually have adapted fairly well into the family that he or she is living in. There may some issues associated with feelings of abandonment and uncertainty as to where they came from. These feelings can be helped with open communications between teen and adopted parents. There may cases where the teen adopted as a child will need some specific counseling. It may help in some cases for the teen to understand that their biological parentís may have given them up for adoption because they were totally unable to care for another person.

Adopting a Teen

Another important issue surround teen adoption is that dealing with teens being adopted as a teen. If a young person is not adopted until he or she is their teenís chances are good that they will have issues to be dealt with. Adopting a teen is not for the weak at heart. In many cases a teen being adopted will have been in several placement situations prior to their adoption. In addition to dealing with issues associated with their biological parentís leaving them they may have issues with never being adopted and then being moved from placement to placement. Adopting a teen can be very rewarding for both the adoptive parents and the teen if everyone comes to the relationship with an open mind and desire to communicate honestly.

Pregnant Teens and Adoption

Another very important piece to consider is pregnant teens and adoption of an illegitimate child. When a teen becomes pregnant they are all of a sudden put in a situation where they must make adult decisions. The decisions they will make will affect not only them but the unborn child. We have discussed previously that we feel strongly that the unborn fetus is a living being. Therefore we adopt what is known today as a pro-life position. If a teen can understand the possibility that the unborn fetus may be alive, therefore the decisions they make could possibly be affecting another person.

Is Adopting a Good Idea?

We believe that adopting is a good idea and usually the best idea for an unborn child. When a pregnant teen is faced with the decision about whether adopting is a good idea or not, it is important that they understand all of the facts associated with the unborn. Some pregnant teens may feel that they can raise the child. This may be an option but there are many factors that are associated with this decision. Can the teen financially afford to keep the child? Can the teen offer the newborn a stable home life? The list is extensive, and it is important that all factors are considered and all questions answered. In conclusion the question is adopting a good idea maybe the most important decision a teen will ever have to make. The problem is they usually do not have a very good track record for decision making to date.