Troubled Teen Options

Teen Bed Wetting

By teenage years most children have grown out of bed wetting. A teen bed wetting problem will require some counseling. Again we are not professionals or Dr.ís but in our experience a teen bed wetting problem could be signs of something more serious. Some studies we have seen indicate that bed wetting can be a sign of a traumatic experience in the teenís life. It will take a highly trained professional to get to the root of the problem. It is possible that there may have been some abuse in the life of the teen bed wetter. As problematic as the teen bed wetter is to the parent, it is nothing to the embarrassment that the teen is experiencing. Hypothetically, letís say that a teen bed wetter was admitted into a boarding school or troubled teens. He not only has to deal with the inconvenience of a wet bed, but the ridicule of his peers. The young man would have been dealing with this issue as long as he could remember, but the added stress of negative peer pressure would act to compound the problem. Some troubled teen boarding schools would not be adequately able to deal with a problem like this. Therapy would more than likely have to be an important part of treatment for a teen like this.

Teen Bedwetting Diagnosis

In some cases, teen bedwetting is the result of some form of abuse or trauma earlier in the teenís life. It is important that a trained Psychologist or some other professional delve into this issue. In some cases, teen bedwetting is accompanied by other indicators of abuse, like sexually acting out. The professional will usually recommend that the teen be referred to a medical Dr. to check of signs of abuse. Most states require that any form of abuse be reported to Child Protective Services. They have protocol that will begin as soon as they are notified.

Nocturnal Enuresis

Nocturnal Enuresis is the medical term for bedwetting. There is treatment and help for a child suffering from this embarrassing problem. There are bed wetting alarms and medication that can be taken. If a bed wetting problem continues into a childís teens, it would be advised to seek competent medical advice, preferable from a specialist. Not every child with a bedwetting problem is suffering from abuse or trauma, there are medical problems that could be contributing or even creating the problem.