Troubled Teen Options

Is there a difference in the types of licenses boarding schools can have?

Many parents ask how they can know if the Teen Boot Camp, Substance Abuse Program, Military School, or Christian Boarding School is licensed. This can be a difficult quest for a parent that is under the pressure of dealing with a troubled teen that is seeking a licensed teen facility. When in doubt ask the facility fax a copy of their license to you. We would be happy to help you verify a facilities license, give us a call. From our understanding it is fairly simple for someone to go to the local city building and obtain a license to run a business. Some cities only want to check the zoning to make sure that the new business will be in compliance with their parameters. It is for this reason it is advised that parents use caution when seeking any kind of teen help for their child.


Most states will require a school interested in entering the troubled youth industry have academics lined up and the building must have the fire marshal's approval in order to obtain a proper license. They will also have a set of guidelines outlining the number of students a facility can house, and the methods of caring for and educating those youth. In an effort to avoid all of the red tape associated with state licensure some schools will find a way to avoid going through this tedious process in an effort to get up and running saving thousands of dollars in start up capital.