Troubled Teen Options

Boot Camps A Good Choice

Programs for troubled teens that are worth their salt will teach teenagers the necessity of taking responsibility for their actions. If teenagers aren’t made to take responsibility for their lives, they become the perpetual victim, always blaming others for their own misdeeds and poor choices. For instance, a young man who took the life of a police officer blamed the methamphetamine for his savagery - not himself. “Cheever said he had been binging on meth since Thanksgiving and hadn’t slept in about a week.” The methamphetamine just dropped into his lap?. He didn’t choose to go look for it, purchase it and ingest it? No one forced him to take those actions, and those actions led to the death of a police officer.


By blaming the narcotic, addicts prove that they have yet to comprehend their own culpability for anything that happens as a result of their being “under the influence.” Until responsibility is “owned”, there is little hope for long lasting rehabilitation. It is with cases like this that you come to appreciate the need for military teen boot camps and other rigorous programs. Yet, when a teenager will not own their problems, they continue to revisit them again and again. For some, there will always be excuses instead of the truth. “When you’re at rock bottom, you’re not seeing things the way everybody else is,” [Cheever] said.” (Unknown source) By Ann Walker