Troubled Teen Options

Christian Boarding Schools can reinforce Christian family values

Are you worried about placing your teen in an environment where there is no right and wrong? Some parents are worried that the school for troubled teens they are considering may undermine or even destroy the basic values the child has been taught. It is wise to find what the core value system of any boarding school, teen boot camp, or school for troubled teens is before you place your child there. In order to help teens troubled with behavior problems parents are often times faced with decisions as to which type of troubled teen facility will most evenly match their belief system. There are teen boot camps, boarding schools, and peer pressure programs that believe there is no right or wrong but simply what works. For a child raised in a home where there is a right and wrong this type of specialty school may not be the best choice. In order to find the best help for your troubled teen it is important to find the type of boot camp for troubled teens, or any other type of boarding school that most evenly parallels your family’s convictions. This may be difficult, but it is definitely worth the time to be assured that your child's faith will not be destroyed while they are away from home.

Do you feel like you are being abused by your child?

Parent abuse is not really that uncommon If you have not experienced this problem with an aggressive troubled teen in your home you may be surprised that some parents are really afraid of their children. We believe that this situation is due in part to the movement to give children more rights. Some states have gone so far as to require their 12 or 13 year children give their parents permission to see their drug test results. We are not in favor of any form of child abuse but do believe that parents are much more capable of making decisions for their minor children are for themselves. It seems as though we have gone "too far" in protecting our children’s rights. This is making it much more difficult for parents to place their children in a school for troubled teens. Believe it or not there are really parents that are literally scared to death of their children. These cases seem to be getting much more common than they used to be. In order to find the help teens troubled with issues of violence or threatening behavior parents are seeking help in boarding schools, peer pressure programs, teen boot camps, or one of the other types of schools for troubled teens. If you have concerns about your child give us a call 800 781 8081