Troubled Teen Options

Teen Cliques

Teen cliques or teen peer groups can be positive and negative depending on the clique they are involved with. To many teens the most popular teen cliques, represents the most desired place to be. Some teens will even betray or hurt life time friends for a chance to be included in the popular clique. Once they are inside the popular group of teens, they sometimes wonder why they were so attracted to it. The teen clique or peer group can become the center of a teen’s universe. They will sacrifice just about anything to be accepted. This is where the danger lies. If a teen needs to compromise their family standards to be accepted, they may later regret their total focus to be included in the group.

Teen Girl Cliques

Teen Girl Cliques differ from boy cliques in some ways but the basic concept is the same. The old phrase “tick tock the game is locked” can apply to most teen girl cliques. It seems that some girls feel the need to limit the size of their circle of friends. This can create the feeling that there are some that are just not qualified to be included in their little clique. Teen girl cliques will usually revolve around fashion and money. As mentioned previously, there are some teen girls who so want to be accepted into the upper social cliques, that they will do just about anything to be accepted. Once in awhile, they may look back at the sacrifices they have made to get there and wonder if it was really worth the price they paid to get there. In some cases, those in the upper circles are shallow and lack integrity. Those who want to be included may have to forfeit some of their basic principles to be accepted.

Teen Boy Cliques

Teen boy cliques are usually based on physical prowess; they can also include fashion and money. In many teen boy cliques there is a high school “jock” that is the center of attention. This boy has been at the top of the teen food chain for a few years and team mates seem to follow his lead off the field as well as on the field. The glamour that accompanies a successful high school athlete attracts many other boys. Boy’s cliques can also exclusive like the cliques mentioned for girls. While boy cliques may want to limit those into the inner circle they can be a little more lenient that the inner social circles of their female counterparts. Some teen boy cliques accompany the team. If a boy wants to “hang out” with a particular group of boys, he must be on the high school team to be included.

Parents Observation of Teen Cliques

It is important for parents to take note of the teen clique their teen is in. The peer pressure will come from the group they are associating with. If a teen is included in a group of teens that use drug, they will begin using drugs. If a teen is included in a group of kids that have to wear the latest fashions, they will have to wear the latest fashions.