Troubled Teen Options

Teen Counseling

Let's face it, being a teen is a difficult task. You have all sorts of new problems with your body and looks. Fitting in seems to be your number one priority. Teens today are constantly faced with many problems and most don't know how to deal with it. As a parent its your responsibility to see the signs in order to help your struggling teen. Some reasons that teens misbehave may not be hard to see, but others may require professional help. All teens deal with emotional problems in different ways. Counseling may be a great option for you and your teen.

Behavioral Issues You Should Look For

* Verbally and physically abusive

* Using drugs and drinking alcohol

* Constantly runs away from home

* Fighting at school, getting expelled

* Stealing and causing problems in the community

* Starts fires and/or hurts animals

* Stays out all night

* Sexually active

Finding the right counselor

These signs are a good indicator wether or not your teen actually needs a counselor. If he does need it, finding the right one for both of you can be a daunting task. The local high school can usually give you a list of good counselors and therapists. Make sure the therapist or counselor is licensed and has a good record of helping people. Don't be afraid if the therapist prescribes medication in order to help his behavior. ADD/ADHD is the most common form that most teens need medication for. If your troubled teen needs more than just counseling we have residential treatment options. These boading schools specialize in taking defiant teens and changing their behavior around. Most of the special school will provide excellent counseling that will chang your teen around for the better.