Troubled Teen Options

Teen Depression

What causes teen depression

Some people say that Teen Depression has risen at an equal rate to that of the adult population. It is no wonder that there are so many teens on medication today with the events teens are forced to contemplate. Even adults with much more life experience are discouraged at the events of the world today. There is so much contention and hate coupled with several wars. The economic crisis and the enormous national debt that the youth of today will inherit alone are cause for concern. It is hard to turn on the television without hearing how far in debt our country is. Usually right after the enormous amount is mentioned there is a statement about how it is unfair to pass this along to our children. Some teens feel an enormous pressure to fit in. This may not seem like an important thing as adults, but to them its more important than a lot of things.

Teen Depression and the Media

Teen Depression is also connected to the threat of nuclear war. Again the media in keeping us abreast of world events may be accelerating the teen depression issue. Parents of troubled teens today remember the fear they faced when talk of a nuclear war was mentioned when they were growing up. Imagine if you can how hard it would be to be growing up listening to the news today. It would be logical to include movies and entertainment in the media of today. Teen depression can also be aggravated by movies portraying how a teen should look and act. The expectations on the youth of America have never been greater than they are today.

Teen Depression and Peer Pressure

Any adult who can remember the pressure they felt in high school to fit in, will be able to relate to the pressure teens of today are facing. Some people feel that peer pressure is one of the greatest motivators of youth today. Teens will do just about anything to fit in with the group they are seeking acceptance in. A good teen that has been raised with values and is generally a good student, will even occasionally do stupid things to gain acceptance.

Teen Depression and Suicide Associated with Drugs and Sex

There have been studies done that indicate that teen depression is a by product of sexual activity, and drug abuse. The entire article can be found here on the Science Direct .com site. HERE.This is a very interesting study and is worth taking time to read. Parents of troubled teens or teens suffering from depression have a lot to monitor. A huge concern is preventing their child from doing something that would haunt them the rest of their life.

Teen Depression Ways to Help For a parent with a child suffering with teen depression it is imperative that the parent becoming involved in their child’s life. Not necessarily in the role of a friend, but in the role of a parent. A child left to themselves at this critical junction in their life will be left to the advice of their peers, if their parent allows them to.