Troubled Teen Options

A Parents Responsibility

Troubled teens are ultimately and finally the responsibility of their parents. Recent reports on teen drug abuse have stressed that no matter how hostile or sullen teenagers may be; they are still looking to their parents for guidance and approval. Yet, when teens at risk get into trouble, parents seem to turn to outside agencies to solve their problems. “Somewhere along the line, though, I believe that adults and parents must own up to the fact that we have fallen short in fostering a sense of good judgment, accountability, and respect for our fellow man. Instilling these virtuous qualities is not, nor will it ever be, a function of any legislative effort. Ultimately, it is incumbent upon us as adults, the presumed positive role models and mentors in our young people’s lives, to be the deciding factor in the success or failure of eradicating violent and undisciplined behavior. It is time to raise the bar, expecting more and offering new hope and new direction to a generation that tragically has neither.” (unknown source)

Stay At Home Moms

I have found it interesting to note that my two grown sons are doing their damndest to make it possible for their wives to stay home and raise the kids. Could be because they were raised by this writer who made the mistake of putting more energy into her career than her children. It was back in the day when parents were counseled that it was “quality time, not quantity” that counted. Turns out they were wrong. You can’t stuff quality into stolen moments. I was fortunate. My sons and I have a great relationship. But it isn’t lost on me that it is of paramount importance to them that their kids have a stay at home mom. And fortunately, they married women who agree. By Ann Walker