Troubled Teen Options

Teen Drug Abuse In Us

Teen drug abuse certainly isn’t limited to the US. The excerpt below details a particularly harrowing story of addiction in South Africa. Teens at risk need to be exposed to the brutal facts about the drug trade that ultimately supplies them with their week-end “buzz”. Teens tend to have a myopic and naive view of drugs and addiction, thinking only of the familiar scenes they have viewed in videos or movies. They buy their drugs from kids that look like them. They never see the monsters that are at the top of the drug chain. ‘Monsters’ is a suitable description for men who use young teens as drug couriers, stuffing them so full of heroin that they can’t even swallow water. “Drug lords met me at the airport and took me to a house where I swallowed heroin to the value of at least R1-million stuffed into condoms.

Drug Abuse In Africa

“I could not eat or drink anything while on flight as the heroin was packed right up to my throat,” she says. On arrival in Johannesburg, local drug dealers met her at the airport and took her straight to a house where she had to regurgitate the heroin before they tested it and paid her.” Her addiction began when she turned to drugs to drown her horror of being raped at her high school graduation. In time, heroin owned her. Working at an airport made it easy for her to coordinate with drug dealers, but in the end, the money she was paid wasn’t enough. Soon, she and her addict husband resorted to robbery and kidnapping to supply their habits. “Although I was lucky, it is not over for me yet as I am facing a 15-year sentence…“I allowed drugs to destroy my life and even after I have stopped using them, I still have to face the consequences.” (Unknown source) By Ann Walker