Troubled Teen Options

Teen Drug Abuse Problematic in College

There really is no place for a sigh of relief when teenagers head off to college. The hazards to be encountered on those campuses are identical to what parents protected their teens against in high school. Teen drug abuse, in fact, is even more of a concern.

Drug and Alcohol Problem Compounded in College

“For naive kids…or those mired in a complete loss of priorities, college campuses can be dangerous places. According to a recent report by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, 5.4 million of the nation’s full time college students abuse drugs or engage in binge-drinking at least once a month. Demonstrating the magnitude of the problem, the study concluded that alcohol and drug addiction among college students is almost three times greater than that found in the general population.” Compounding the normal pressures of college are fraternities and sororities who are described as “primary players in subversive distractions“, exerting tremendous peer pressure on pledges to participate in some dangerous hazing games. “While fraternities and sororities will insist that they have abandoned hazing as part of the pledge process, it’s largely a smokescreen designed to keep them in good standing with college administrators. Even where colleges have banned chapters, some have been known to continue functioning underground.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker