Troubled Teen Options

Some Parents Don’t Get it

If it were just the individual involved who paid the price, than perhaps teen drug abuse would be a little easier to manage. But the ripple effects of a teenager’s use of drugs inevitably reach those who are innocent. All too often these troubled teens become pregnant and have kids of their own. But that doesn’t stop them from getting high. In fact, some addicts think it is amusing if their kids get high as well. Everyone knows a two year old. Two year kids love life. Not yet bored or jaded, the last thing they need is to be introduced to marijuana. But if you are an irresponsible teen who has become an irresponsible adult, getting your toddler high is of little consequence.

Child Neglect

“The mother of a two-year-old Wisconsin boy shared a marijuana blunt with her child as friends laughed, filmed the child smoking, and asked, “Hey buddy, are you stoned?” Krystle Leigh Weber, 20, was charged yesterday along with two male friends with pot possession and contributing to the delinquency of a minor (Weber was also hit with a child neglect rap, also a misdemeanor). …after a confidential source told police about the smoking incident, cops seized a cell phone from defendant Sean Held, 19, and discovered three videos of the August incident. On the clips, the boy is seen holding and apparently puffing on a blunt, and “staggering around a bedroom in what appears to be a confused and altered state.” In a police interview, Weber… said that she initially rejected Held’s suggestion to have her son “hit it,” but eventually relented and agreed to let the two-year-old take a “small one.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker