Troubled Teen Options

Drug Education Begins in Grade School

I have a grandson in second grade and I have not thought to ask him what he knows about drugs. He loves rockets and carpentry and BB guns and four wheeling. He giggles when you are silly and his eyes are still clear, void of secrets, open and inquiring. Why oh why will he have to be told about drugs now? Grandparents stand back and watch the monumental challenges that confront today’s parents. That teen drug abuse has escalated to the degree that, as a society, we now feel compelled to start drug education in elementary school is still staggering to ponder. Much has changed in 25 years. It appears in order to avoid raising troubled teenagers, you must trouble seven year olds with knowledge that you wish they didn’t need.

Red Ribbon Week and Goofy Dress-Up Days

“Everything’s a little topsy-turvy this week in local schools as they celebrate the anti-drug Red Ribbon Week with goofy dress-up days, red bracelets, assemblies, decorated classroom doors and raffle prizes. The idea is to let students know about the dangers of drugs through fun activities. Fifth-grade students… learn how to say “no” to drugs and alcohol through D.A.R.E., but for younger students, Red Ribbon Week is the first taste of drug education. …second-grader Justin Nelson zipped up his hooded sweatshirt backward to show he understood the week’s anti-drug message. “Drugs are nasty,” 6-year-old Justin said. “It’s really uncomfortable,” 7-year-old Madison Hoskinson said of her outfit - a T-shirt turned inside-out and jeans on backward. “It shows that drugs are bad and we’re supposed to never do them.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker