Troubled Teen Options

Younger and Younger Drug Abusers

Unfortunately, in today’s world, the age to begin teaching children about the dangers of teen drug abuse seems to be getting younger and younger. Even for those parents who feel secure in their comfortable suburban home, school and neighborhood, the dangers facing teens are so pervasive that parents begin to feel like the Little Dutch Boy trying to plug all the leaks in the dike. Parents can not fight each and every threat that teens at risk face, but they can certainly attempt to do a thorough job grounding their teens and equipping them with the knowledge and skills that they themselves can use. “Lost & Found: A Mother and Son Find Victory Over Teen Drug Addiction“, a book that can lend to those efforts, describes the journey one mother took in her fight for her son.

Lost & Found

“This book should serve as a wake-up call to every parent who is raising a child. Most of life’s good decisions are made in our heads BEFORE we are in the situation. Our children are no different and they cannot be allowed to wait until they are in the situation like this family, before they are taught how to make good decisions for themselves based upon sound morals, values, ethics, and principles…hopefully this book will help parents realize that, without proper awareness and a sound plan for teaching their children, drug addiction, and the pain and misery associated with it, is a very real possibility for their children and their family.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker