Troubled Teen Options

Teen Drug Abuser Grows His Own

Teen drug abuse will motivate a slacker student to become a serious student - - if the subject to be covered is something like “Getting High 101?. If you are going to grow good marijuana, you have to do your homework. You have to invest time, study, money, and then you have to tend to, and be responsible for, the health of the plants as they grow to maturity. Yet, I bet the teen that was recently busted for doing just that hasn’t put near the same efforts into his academics. If teens like these chose to invest in their futures as heavily as they invest in their own destruction, blogs like these would never be needed.

Police Arrest Marijuana Farmer

“Lower Southampton police raided an Oakford house early Friday morning and said they seized 13 marijuana plants a teenager had been growing there. Police said the 17-year-old, who was not identified because he is a juvenile, had grown two of the plants long enough that they were ready to be harvested. Detective Shane Hearn said police had been investigating activity at the house for about a year leading up to the raid. Police said they seized the plants — which ranged from 7 inches to 3 feet tall — various pieces of hydroponics equipment for growing the plants, prescription medication and a manual for growing marijuana the teen had downloaded from the Internet that had his name on it. The juvenile was sent to the juvenile detention center.” (Unknown source) By Ann Walker