Troubled Teen Options

If Teens Could Meet the Dealers at the Top

It occurs to me that one effective way of discouraging teen drug abuse is to educate teenagers about the nature of the predators that they support. Teens rarely see the actual face of the dealer. They buy a dime bag from close friends in comfortable, familiar surroundings. But if they saw the business behind drug distribution, you might be able to tap the current teen trend of loathing “big business.” Because for drug dealers, narcotics are a business and those troubled teenagers whose lives are ruined by addiction are simply collateral damage in the pursuit of profit.

Some Dealers Don’t Even Use Drugs

“I have seen this firsthand, in the face of a drug dealer I once met years ago. He was a friend of an acquaintance; a tall, well-built, clean-cut, 20-year-old from a well-to-do Kanata family. He was a reasonably intelligent man who enjoyed sports and music; he was a health nut and young father. He also happened to be a crack dealer. I spoke to him once, horrified but curious to learn why he would engage in this gruesome trade. He didn’t smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, and he certainly wouldn’t consider ingesting the poison he was dispensing to his poor, addicted customers. The conversation painted a chilling portrait of a lack of soul. He despised the addicts he supplied, speaking of them with utter disgust and disdain. He saw himself as a businessman, making money because it was easy. And it was profitable; he wore top-of-the-line clothing and had money to burn. I never saw or heard of him again, but I’m still haunted by his image.” (Unknown Source) By Ann Walker