Troubled Teen Options

Home Schooling

Home schooling is an excellent option for many families. But is it a guarantee that home schooled children will not emerge as adolescents involved in teen drug abuse? You would think so, but again, as always, it depends on the teens at risk. In the end, a person has to have the will to own their life and to live it. It something that even parents can’t give a teen. “…even when you home school and study the Bible together and pray together, and even when you do all those things and Dad works at home and is involved in your children’s lives on a daily basis, you will still have rebellious teenagers. Maybe. The thing is, it depends on the teen. I’ve seen home schooled teens sail through those years as calmly as though nothing had changed. I’ve also seen kids from wonderful Christian families turn into scary-looking, sullen people. I’ve even seen both of these happen in my own home.


The word “seen” is important, though, when it comes to teens, because what you see may or may not be what you get. Inside the young lady with the ever-changing hair color and pierced eyebrow may beat the heart of someone who is passionate about the unborn and has a sincere concern for the underprivileged of this world. Conversely, inside the young lady wearing the flowered jumper and no makeup may beat the heart of someone who is just biding her time until she is old enough to jump ship and live life her way, no matter how unbiblical her way may be.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker