Troubled Teen Options

Suspect Your Child May Be Using Drugs?

Substance abuse among our young people is a problem that does not seem to be going away. There are many Internet sites that sell kits designed to corrupt the results of drug tests. This makes requesting a drug test from your child a less effective option. Teen drug abuse and teen drinking have been the downfall of many young people. Parents struggling with a difficult child are seeking placement in juvenile boot camps and abuse substances treatment programs across the country. Many truly at risk youth go unassisted and often times end up kicked out of school with little or no chance for success. Parents trying how to deal with their child's conduct disorders and substance abuse issues feel helpless trying to determine exactly which direction to go.

I Found a Marijuana Pipe in My Child’s Room He Swears it is Not His

Is substance abuse a sign that my child is heading in a negative direction? We have never heard of a teen who when confronted with proof of substance abuse will openly admit that they are using. The pipe, marijuana, or any other proof is usually dismissed as belonging to someone else, the teen's friend usually. A parent living in denial may believe the story of "it's not mine", but a more logical thinking parent will realize that at risk youth that are using drugs will not associate with those who do not. Teen drinking is also something that is not done alone, friends associate with friends who do what they do. Teen drug abuse is a serious problem in the country today. Many youth seeking for an escape from reality will participate in what ever their peers are participating in. A parent struggling with a defiant youth may turn to a juvenile boot camp, or some other program designed to help a child with a conduct disorder. The severity of the drug problem should be evaluated prior to placement. For a child with a serious substance abuse problem parents may need to consider a residential treatment center, detox center, or even a hospital. Teens that are strictly using marijuana will not usually need a clinical setting, but it is always wise to seek the advice of a professional prior to placing a child in any program.