Troubled Teen Options

How can you know if your teen is abusing drugs and how can you help him?

Substance abuse may be the reason your child has drifted away from the family Teen substance abuse is a major factor contributing to loss of interest in school Based on calls that we receive every day it seems that once a child starts to smoke marijuana they begin to pull away from the family and family values. Teen drinking and marijuana abuse seem to be the two most common forms of early substance abuse. Teen drug abuse seems to alter the youth's values, desires, and previous life time goals. A teen that suddenly seems to have given up on school, sports, and family activities is probably engaging in some sort of substance abuse. This type of conduct disorder can be difficult to deal with unless the substance abuse is stopped.

Some Parents Will Try Anything

Some parents will try anything to help rescue their child from the alienation and lack of motivation they are engaged in. Some parents have found that life in a more structured and controlled setting like a juvenile boot camp can help remove their child from the downward spiral that they have fallen into.

Does your teen abuse stimulants?

How wide spread is stimulant abuse among teens? The extent of stimulant abuse among teens can only be estimated given the fact that teens are less than truthful when questioned about their misbehaviors. Stimulant abuse is not limited to uppers and caffeine, cocaine is also considered a stimulant. Substance abuse of cocaine is especially dangerous when it is in the hands of a teenager. Teen drinking by itself is a concern for the parents of a troubled child and the dangers of a mixing alcohol and stimulants are obvious. Teen drug abuse is almost always part of the behaviors of an at risk youth. Abuse of substances and the treatment options associated with the abuse are varied and can be very costly. Some at risk youth will self medicate which can actually hide the need for a true diagnosis of something more serious like conduct disorder or teen depression. Problems can be compounded by a parent trying to find help for a child in a juvenile boot camp or boarding school type placement. Placement in the wrong type of program can actually compound the problems that a youth is facing.