Troubled Teen Options

Teen Health

A teenís health is often taken for granted by the teenager. Most young people feel that they are invincible. They think they can do anything they want to their bodies and still be just fine. In many cases they are right; the youthful body is capable of doing some pretty many amazing things. There are articles in the newspaper many times with miraculous recoveries or miracles where a teen walks away from something that should have killed them. As resilient as the teenís body is, it will still deteriorate more quickly if the teenís health is abused. Teens that use drugs, and party late into the night are causing damage to themselves that may not catch up to them until they are a little older. It is a dramatic comparison when you see two people the same age when they are 40. One that has partied and pushed his or her body without any health concerns usually looks much older and worse for the wear. The person that has put their health care aside will pay for it later in life. A teen should be taught to focus on their health when they are a teen.

The importance of a teenís health should be taught to them and parents should set an example of how to take care of their bodies. Proper eating and exercise should be an important part of a teenís health. Nutrition, exercise, avoiding cigarettes, alcohol and drugs will positively affect a teenís health. As we have mentioned before if these principles are taught to the teen when they are a teen they are more likely to live a healthy lifestyle when they are older. Once a teen has damaged their body through abuse they will have a difficult time trying to get healthy again. If they damage their brains with substance abuse they may never completely recover.