Troubled Teen Options

Is There Help in My Area?

Yesterday a parent from California called in asking about Teen Boot Camps in the state of California. Many states have established laws that protect Troubled Teens from what some consider child abuse. In some states children as young as 12 can deny their parents the results of a drug test performed on the child. To learn what your child’s rights are you can contact the local police department. They should be able to tell you, not only what your child’s rights are, but what your responsibilities are.

Out of State Help

Many parents are forced to look to neighboring states to find a Military School, or a Substance Abuse program for their teen. Some states will allow Christian Boarding Schools to hold youth against their will. In some places a Christian Boarding School will be less scrutinized than a regular Teen Boot Camp, or Teen Evaluation program. It is important for parent’s to know what type of license a program holds before sending their child there. To find the most appropriate type of teen help for your troubled teen it is wise to speak with someone that has experience in the industry. We are available to help, please call if you are seeking help for your child. The decision to send your child away can be very stressful. We have years of experience working with parents of troubled teens. As a result we can give you ideas of good schools and transportation companies that can help you.