Troubled Teen Options

Teen Help

Teen help is available in many formats. We will try to differentiate the various types of teen help, so parents struggling with a troubled and defiant teen can make a logical choice for their teen. Here is a list of ways that a teen can be helped.

1- Seek medical assistance from family physician

2- Have the teen evaluated by a Psychologist

3- Home Contract

4- Research local teen help programs

5- Find placement outside of the home

1- The last thing on our list and the last thing that should be on any parents list, is to seek teen help away from home. The family Dr. in some cases can decide if the child is suffering from depression or some other mild psychiatric problem that a prescription medication may help.

2- Sometimes the problem is more extensive than can be detected by a medical Dr. and a professional counselor will be required.

3- A home contract can be very effective if it is handled properly. Consistency is the key to making a home contract work. There are many places online to find home contracts.

4- There are Tough Love type programs located in may communities. They meet weekly and can assist parentís that are searching for new parenting techniques to help their teen.

5- The last teen help option is placement outside of the home. Finding a good program can be a difficult task, but there are some really great teen help programs available.

Teen Help with Boarding Schools

Teen help type boarding schools are scattered across the country. Most programs advertising teen help placement options will take teens that donít want to be there. In other words, parents can choose to place the teen against their will. This is very difficult and as mentioned previously should be a last resort. There are escort companies that deal exclusively with this type of transportation. For a fee, plus expenses they will pick a child up and take him or her to the program of the parents choice.