Troubled Teen Options

Teen Image

Some teens are overly concerned with the way they look. The teen’s image can outweigh other important factors that should also be considered. If a teen is too caught up in fashion and they begin to separate themselves from friends they have had for a long time, they may need some counsel. Teens need help to learn to have balance in their lives. Without balance the teen can get caught up in something that ultimately is not that important. When a teen leaves their long time friends because they are “out of it,” it is probably time for a reality check. The teen that is focused solely on fashion will miss out on a lot of fun growing up. There are other factors that play into a teens image, they include hairstyle, a teens weight, complexion, and even financial status. Some teens are continually trying to be something they aren’t. They may save up to buy a few expensive items of clothing to fit in for at least a day or two a week. In reality, they are not fooling anyone with their attempt to portray a lifestyle of the rich and famous. Teens need to learn to be grounded and happy with what they have. Attempts to put on a facade will never produce what the teen hopes they will. The teen will usually end up embarrassed by trying to be something they are not.

Teen Girls Image

Teen girls are usually much more concerned about their image than teen boys are, but some boys will rival even the girls. Girls are continually trying to compare themselves with models in magazines and movie stars. This comparison is very damaging to the teen girl’s image. It is almost impossible for a teen girl to look like a supermodel. Some girls trying to meet the unrealistic goal may even slip into anorexia or bulimia. Another hurdle a teen girl must overcome when trying to meet unrealistic expectations is financial. It would be very difficult for a teen girl to wear designer clothing like the super models wear. Parents should monitor teen’s desires to assure they are realistic. Parental advice may be able to save a teen from trying to become something they are not.

Teen Boys Image

Teen boys used to be much less fashion conscious than girls, but in today’s society even the boys are concerned about their images. Like girls some boys may overdo when trying to be slender and “ripped” like the male super models they see in magazines and on TV. Boy fashions are also very costly and can create an impossible example for many boys to follow. When a teen boy becomes obsessed with his image, it is time for a reality check from parents or an adult he respects. Teen boy’s image is much less important than the person he is becoming on the inside. If he can learn this lesson early in life, he will be much better adjusted as he grows older.