Troubled Teen Options

Teen Inspirational Stories: If you have been the recipient of service from a teen, or if you know of teens giving service, please share the Teen Service Stories with those who visit our site. Feel free to post your stories below, service can be contagious. The acts of service do not have to be huge things, just service to another person that is not paid for.

Teen Motivational Stories

We have added this page to our site to allow parents and teens to add inspirational and motivational stories about teens. There are so many negative articles done regularly about the negativity of teens, we thought this would be a nice change. If you know of a teen that has done something special and you would like to give them a little recognition, post their story here and send them a link. Everyday there are heroic or just positive things that teens participate in. We would like to provide this forum for those activities to be displayed.

Teen Helping Others

There are also many times when a teen will participate in some type of selfless service for someone else. These would also be welcome posts on this forum. If you catch a teen doing something kind for someone else, share it with us. There are countless acts of kindness that go on everyday. If you see one, please share it with us. Add this site to your favorites so you can find it easily when you want to say something nice about someone. We believe that looking for the good in others helps us all become better people. Make it a goal to see something positive that your teen has done, and post it here.

Teen Service

The feeling a person gets when they do something for someone else without receiving any compensation is a powerful thing. Some boarding schools for troubled teens have harnessed this power and use it for the students in their schools. For example, when a boarding school has its students participate in a service project for an elderly person, both parties are benefited. The students receive a good feeling and learn to begin thinking about someone other than themselves. This not only makes the teen a better person but makes our country a better place. The elderly person receives a sense of caring from another person adding to their self worth.