Troubled Teen Options

Troubled Teen Issues

Troubled teen issues range in severity from acne to teen suicide. The troubled teen is forced to deal with many issues that were not a problem a generation ago. With new technology associated with the Internet, cell phones, and the media, teens are bombarded constantly. What was once taboo, is now common place and widely accepted. In days gone past, the troubled teen issue of pregnancy out of wedlock was deplorable. In many cases the young girl would be sent away until after she had delivered the baby. Todayís troubled teen will be given the option of an abortion, adoption, or even bringing the child to school with them.

Troubled Teen Issues and the Family

The troubled teen issues extend into the entire family. When one child is acting out it basically sucks all of the energy out of the parents. It also robs the other siblings of much needed parental attention. It is not unusual for parents that have placed a troubled teen in a boarding school to admit they didnít realize how much of a drain on the rest of the family the troubled teen really was. Once a troubled teen is placed outside of the home, parents are able to become reacquainted with the other children at home.

Troubled Teen Issues and the Education System

The public education system is ill equipped to deal with troubled teen issues. In most cases the troubled teen is placed in a class with other students that are acting out. When a classroom is filled with disruptive teens, it becomes a contest to see who can get the most negative attention. This setting is the breeding ground for expulsion from school. Another negative byproduct of the disruptive student class is labeling. When a student is placed in the misfit class he or she will more than likely be labeled as a trouble maker or problem student. It is difficult for a student to behave well enough to ever be removed from this classification. It is common knowledge that teens act the way they are treated, creating a situation for an accelerated downhill decent in school behavior and attendance.

Troubled Teen issues and Teen Boarding Schools

With a lack of tolerance in the public school system for misbehaving students, parents are forced to seek other methods of educating their child. Not every parent has the wherewithal, the patience, or the education, to home school their child. The majority of parents will need to look for some outside help to see that their teen receives any type of education. There are many boarding schools that specialize in dealing with troubled teen issues, specifically education of troubled and defiant teens. Troubled teen boarding schools are scattered across the country and vary in price, philosophy, and types of discipline they use. One thing is for certain, troubled teen issues are not going away. Parents, school systems, and teens will all need to adapt and learn to work together to solve the problems associated with troubled teens and their education.