Troubled Teen Options

Teen Pregnancy

Teens are becoming pregnant younger and younger.

There are few things more frightening to a teenage girl than the news that she is pregnant. This is a major event and there is really no way to minimize the issue. The pregnant teen, (merely a child herself) now has some serious decisions to make. \ Will she keep the baby? Will she put it up for adoption? Will she bring an end to the life of the fetus? Each of the decisions has major ramifications and will affect her for the rest of her life, and that of the baby growing inside of her. Many teen girls are not mature enough to raise a baby. Some will try and get the parents to take over so they can have a normal life. Teen boys that are the father rarely stay with the teen mother. This makes it hard on the young teen mother raising the baby by herself. If you are a teen that is pregnant there are many centers that are willing to help you with your newborn.

Teen Pregnancy and Keeping the Baby

In some cases keeping the baby might be a good decision. In most cases giving the baby up for adoption would be a better choice. For example if the pregnant teen has a supportive family with time and patience to help. Anyone who has raised a child from a baby knows the incredible amount of time and effort it requires. It is not a part time job, but a full time endeavor. Some schools will allow a pregnant teen to continue her education and even provide nurseries so the newborn can accompany the new mom to school.

Teen Pregnancy and Giving the Baby up for Adoption

There is no shortage of young parents that would love to have a baby that are unable to do so. This makes it relatively easy to find a nice family for the unexpected pregnant teen’s baby. There are many agencies that can facilitate the adoption both private and public. The new parents should speak with several agencies and determine which one they feel most comfortable with. Once an agency is selected they will handle everything for the pregnant teen. Giving the baby up for adoption may just be the best situation for everyone involved. Everyone wins in this situation, the family receiving the new baby that they are very anxious to have, the pregnant teen, and right on down to the infant.

Teen Pregnancy and Abortion

We do not believe in abortion as a viable option, but realize that it may be a consideration for some families. There are many studies that have been done on the effects that abortion has on the young woman that chooses this option. In many families the decision is made by the “would be” grandparents who do not want to be strapped with handling a new infant family member. Some do not want the stigma associated with a child born out of wedlock. There is an interesting website discussing the problems both psychiatric and physical associated with abortion that can be accessed by following this link. HERE