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Teen Puberty

Teen puberty can be an awkward time for many young adults. Some teens enter puberty before they are a teen, so they already have experienced the changes going through their bodies. There are some teens that will enter puberty a little later in their pre-teen years. In either, case puberty will bring with it many questions you will feel awkward asking others about. There will be information given in health classes at school, but you should find someone (an adult) that you can trust. There is much information gathered from peers that will be incorrect. Many of your friend’s will try to give you advice, but face it, they don’t know any more than you do.

Teenage Puberty

Teenage puberty is usually at the tail end or middle of the physical changes that your body is going through. You will have already experienced many changes in the way your body looks and operates. Girls will begin having menstrual cycles in preparation for having children. Boys will notice that their voices drop and they begin to grow facial hair. The public school system will usually address most of the changes you will experience in health class and special classes held for children going through puberty. While teenage puberty can be a little scary, if you find a reliable adult that you can talk to the transition will be much easier.

Puberty For Teens

While going through puberty for teens is a necessity and something you can not control, you can learn to make the best of it. The first way to survive puberty for teens is to gain as much knowledge about the process as you possibly can. There are many books that you can read to assist you in your quest for knowledge. The changes your body is going through are natural and you should not be afraid, but welcome the transition into adulthood. Like anything, your attitude about going through puberty can minimize the drama that others may experience.

Girls Puberty

Puberty for girls is different than the changes that boys will experience. Girl’s puberty includes changes internally, including beginning of the menstrual cycle or a monthly period. This is probably the most dramatic change that most girls struggle with. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing until you learn how your body will react each month. There are medications available that can reduce the pain, and even medications to reduce the pre-menstrual problems many girls have.

Boys Puberty

Stages Of Puberty

The different stages of puberty will happen to all young people, they may happen at different ages but everyone will eventually go through them. We have included a list of changes you can expect. The list is not conclusive or necessarily in order, but will give you and idea of what you can expect.

Changes In Boys :

* Voice Change

* Genital, facial, chest, and under arm hair

* Entire body begins to bulk up

* Oily skin, acne

* Increase in sweat

* Penis and testicles will get larger, begin producing sperm

Changes In Girls :

* Breasts begin to increase in size

* Increased hair on legs, underarms, and around vagina

* Hips get wider, body gets more curves

* Skin can become more oily, increase in acne

* Increase in sweat, including underarms

* Menstrual cycle can begin as early as 10 yrs old

Teenage Puberty should not be feared, but welcomed. This means that you are moving into adulthood. This can and should be an exciting time. As we have mentioned previously, it is easier to navigate through puberty if you have an adult you can trust to talk to.