Troubled Teen Options

Teenagers Doing Poorly in School

Many teenagers do well in school and have a desire to excel. On the other hand, there are some that just donít get the importance of a good education. When a teenager does poorly in school most times the parents are notified. The parents should receive report cards and be in communication with the school their child attends. Some schools have a report card online system that will allow parents to check on their childís grade on a daily basis. This kind of program makes staying on top of a teenís progress very easy. It is very important that a parent is involved in their teenís education. In many cases, if a parent is involved in their teenís education, they can get some help for a child if they are struggling in a particular subject. Tutors can be affordable if the parent searches in their area. In some cases an older student could be hired to help the struggling teen with the subject they are doing poorly in. Some states have learning centers for example, Sylvan Learning Centers where a child can get some help. Another option is speaking directly with the teacher to see how they may want to help. Some teachers will do everything they possibly can to help the student pass their course. Some times even having the teen transfer to another teacher teaching the same subject may help.

Teenage Red Flags

There are many indications that a teen is heading in the wrong direction. We have compiled this list to give you an idea of some signs to look for. The difficulty is that some new behaviors can be attributed to typical teen behavior as they try to find their way into adulthood. So it is important that communication lines stay as open as possible with the teen. New friends Absent from home a lot Grades begin to slip Refuses to go on activities with family Stays out past curfew Increasing defiance to all adult authority Drug paraphernalia found in their possession These are just some highlights of typical changes that are usually noticed when a teen begins to head in a negative direction. Parental communication is still the key to keeping a child from getting too far off the track. If a parent has worked to have good communications with their child, they will have an easier time identifying new unusual behaviors. They will also have an easier time talking to their teen about them.