Troubled Teen Options

Teen Depression and Suicide

Teen Depression and Suicide go hand in hand. If a teen is depressed, it is very important that the teen and parents monitor the situation very closely. According to the research we have done, it is estimated that suicide is the main cause of death for 30% of teens between fifteen and nineteen years old. Only accidents and homicide are more common causes of death for this age group. Suicide is about half as deadly for children five through fourteen. It is important to never underestimate the seriousness of depression and suicide.

Teen Suicide Attempts

A far greater number of youths attempt suicide each year. Suicide attempts are not easy to count because many may not be treated in a hospital or may not be recorded as self-inflicted injuries. Survey data from 2005 show that 17 percent of high school students had seriously thought about suicide, 13 percent had made plans to attempt suicide, and more than 8 percent had made a suicide attempt during the year before the survey. For more info visit Samhsa

Teen Suicide Claims

Nothing can be more traumatic than suicide for those that love the person contemplating it. Teens should never use the threat of suicide to manipulate their parents. Sometimes a teen seeking attention from parents will utilize this scare tactic to get their parents attention. There are many problems with this logic. If a teen express a desire to end their life, parents will definitely react quickly. If a teen is not really depressed and not really suicidal they have wasted time and resources of many people to say they are. A suicidal teen will usually be placed in a psyche hospital for observation for a few days. This can be very costly and should only be used if a teen is suicidal.

Get Help Now

When teens start to feel depressed, it is important that they talk to someone right away. If they are slipping into depression there is help available. The most important thing is to talk to someone. If a parent is not engaged or understanding the teen, they should talk to a friend or a parent of the friend that may be more understanding. Things can seem pretty dark and lonesome when a person is depressed. The most important thing a person that is depressed can do is get help now. If there is someone you know that is depressed, make sure they get help.

Teen Suicide Prevention

The youth are America’s greatest resource. We can not afford to lose them to depression and suicide. Teens can help each other find resources for depression. If a friend is talking about suicide, don’t hesitate, get help immediately. There are many cases each year where teens that are trying to get attention through suicide actually commit suicide. Don’t let this happen, be vigilante and aware of those around you.