Troubled Teen Options

Troubled Teen Transportation

Transporting a troubled teen across the country can be a difficult task. Sometimes finding a teen boot camp, military school, or Christian boarding school can be a much easier task than actually getting your child there. There are companies that are trained in transporting troubled teens, and can assist you in trying to get your teen help they desperately need. It is wise to investigate the transportation company you are considering to make sure they have references and a good track record. Some transport companies complete a teen evaluation form including what kind of substance abuse your child may be participating in. This will assist them as they try to decide how many agents to bring. Most teen transportation companies can also assist in the location of a runaway teen. There is an additional charge for this service, but it may be worth the money to have some professional help.


We recommend that every company transporting troubled teens to teen boot camps and other types of facilities always travel in pairs. The reasons for this are two fold. First the majority of youth being transported could make false accusations of abuse, and second it is safer to have one agent sit in the back of the car with the child while the other one drives. We have some very good transportation people that we have worked with for years that we recommend. If financially possible use a transportation service, rather than trying to get a child to the program you have chosen. Experience has shown when you do it yourself it turns into a trip filled with manipulation and second guessing yourself.