Troubled Teen Options

Teenage Bodybuilding

Teenage bodybuilding is very popular especially among athletes and their peers. Teenage bodybuilding can be a positive event as long as drugs are not used to enhance the workout. Steroids have been in the news in recent years and many athletes have been accused of using them. A teenage bodybuilder would be wise to avoid any type of illegal bodybuilding supplement. There are supplements that can assist the teenage bodybuilding process that are legal. Teenage bodybuilding when done in moderation can create a sense of pride in a teen as long as they do it in moderation. Like anything bodybuilding when done in moderation is a very positive activity.

Boys and Image

Boys are usually not as concerned about the clothes they wear as the girls of a similar age. A boy’s image is more centered on the way his body looks than the clothes he wears. A boy’s image can also be about where he fits in the pecking order with the other boys. It is important for most boys to be tough and not to be considered weak. This probably goes back to the hunting gathering traits that boys and men are born with. A boy’s image can also be centered on the way he looks, the way he wears his hair, etc.

Teen Boys and Lifting

Most teen boys begin lifting weights in high school, either in gym class or during football season. Teen boys’ lifting is a positive activity as long as the boy is physically mature enough to do so. The common census is that there is no set age that a boy should begin lifting. All boys should be encouraged to be fit and do calisthenics, but actual weight lifting should be saved until the boy’s body has developed enough to do so. In general most teen boys can begin lifting around the age of 15 or 16. This is not a hard and fast rule, and it would be wise to consult your family physician as to when a teen boy can begin lifting weights. The self discipline alone is a very good reason for teen boys to begin lifting. Another byproduct for teen boys and lifting comes because a boy that is working hard to make his body look good, is less likely to begin using drugs.

Girls and Exercising

Girls are more likely to have a desire to exercise than to lift weights. Girls like boys that are in the habit of taking care of their bodies and are less likely to use drugs. Girls can begin exercising as soon as they are interested. Weight training should be done only after consulting your family Dr. If a girl becomes interested in exercising and taking care of herself when she is young, she will be much more likely to continue when she is older. Exercising like proper eating habits should be a lifetime commitment.