Troubled Teen Options

Teens Abuse

Teenís abuse does usually not start in their teens. If you are a teen and are being abused there is help available. If your parent has physically or sexually abused you there is help. There are hotlines you can call. In some states spanking can be considered abuse. It may be a challenge to have a parent be convicted of child abuse, for giving a child a spanking. If a parent goes beyond a spanking, for example using a closed fist to punch a child in the body or especially the face, they could be facing abuse charges.

Teenager Abuse

Individual law enforcement agencies and even different people within the various agencies have some freedom to interpret the meaning of abuse. In some states it is cut and dried, while in other states there is room for interpretation. If you are teen and feel you are being abused, talk to an adult that you know you can trust. If you are a parent, it would be wise to research what is classified as abuse in your state. Teenager abuse is definitely not the way to motivate and teach a teenager. Teenager abuse can actually drive the teen away from the parent.

Child Abuse

Child abuse or abuse of younger children can be a difficult area for some parents. It used to be that if a child acted up in a grocery store, a parent would look like a bad parent if they didnít spank their child. In todayís society, a parent in many cases is afraid of being charged with child abuse for doing the same thing. It is sad to think that there are people capable of abusing a little child. Abuse is not limited to physical abuse.

Child Verbal Abuse

Some parents are able to do more damage with what they say, that what they do to their little children. Verbal abuse is a terrible thing. If a child is verbally abused, they may never forget the harsh words spoken to them. Some parents will occasionally slip and make their children feel bad, and apologize shortly there after. This is different than parents who continually downgrade their children and embarrass them in front of others. This could be considered child verbal abuse. Child verbal abuse is more common than physical abuse. There may be parents who unknowingly verbally abuse their children. As a parent it is good to evaluate the things you say to your children. A spouse or another adult may be able to assist a parent that thinks they may be too harsh with their children.

Child Neglect Abuse

Child neglect or abuse can be something that is not done, but rather than done to a child. Child neglect and abuse usually means that a childís basic needs are not being met. Child neglect can also mean that a child is not being supervised properly. Child neglect abuse charges are fairly common in the news today. A parent may leave children home unattended, or in a car in a parking lot etc. It may seem like a minor thing to do, but with further thinking, there are many problems that can arise from leaving a child unattended. Some parents will rationalize that they left another child to tend for younger siblings. Each state has a rule that defines who is old enough to leave children with. It is important for parents to be aware of these laws before they leave them with a younger person. This principle would apply to babysitters as well.

Adult Teen Abuse

Adult teen abuse happens when an adult abuses a teen. This can extend to sexual teen abuse also. In many instances, the teen abused by the adult may not even be in their direct care. If you are a teen and feel that someone has made inappropriate advance toward you, talk to another adult. Adult teen abuse unreported will lead to other teens being abused by the same adult. It is important that all forms of abuse be reported. If you are a teen and you feel guilty for being abused, please realize that you have not done anything wrong. The person that treated you inappropriately is the one in the wrong. If you do not report It they may do it to another teen. If you donít want to report the adult teen abuser for what they have done to you, report them for what they will continue to do to others.

Adult Child Abuse

Adult child abuse will many times go unreported. Any time an adult abuses a child it should be reported. If you are a child being abused by an adult, talk to an adult you can trust. If an adult abuses a child by touching them inappropriately, they need to be stopped. This form of adult sexual child abuse can only be stopped if others know about it. When an adult child abuser is caught and incarcerated they will be stopped from abusing other children. It is difficult for an adult child abuser to be reformed, but it is possible. There are many adults living today that were abused by adults when they children. They have been permanently scarred by some type of abuse.