Troubled Teen Options

More teens are abusing prescriptions drugs than ever before

1 in 5 teens misuse prescription drugs More and more teens are using prescription drugs like Vicodin and Oxycontin to get high. Believe it or not Marijuana is actually being used less according to information found on a government site. Teen drinking is still a major concern but prescription drugs are focus of this discussion. Substance abuse in any form is not acceptable many at risk youth will take what ever they can find to get high. The form of substance abuse is not as critical as the fact that the teen drug abuse is taking place. It is important to get to the source of the behavior. This type of assessment can rarely be completed in a setting like a juvenile boot camp. Regardless of the type of conduct disorder that is being exhibited at risk youth need to have their behavior checked before it harms them or someone else. It can be difficult to obtain a quality evaluation if you are dealing with an uncooperative youth. It may be necessary to place a youth in a residential setting to complete this task.

Teen substance abuse can lead to pregnancy

A teen under the influence of drugs or alcohol may do things they normally wouldn't Substance abuse is not only harmful to the user but may create a situation where a baby could be conceived. Teen drug abuse has been a contributing factor in many young girls becoming pregnant. Teen drinking can also create a situation conducive to teen pregnancy. Many at risk youth with clouded perception have retrospectively wished they would have used better judgment when they find their lives permanently altered with decisions surrounding a pregnancy. Some parents are sending their youth to juvenile boot camps, substance abuse programs, and many different types of placement options in an effort to keep their children from making poor decisions. It is always wise to seek professional help when dealing with a teen and abuse substances treatment options. There is always the chance that there may some other form of conduct disorder that the child is self medicating for.