Troubled Teen Options

Teen Military Schools

Well, this is one way to get a ticket straight to military teen boot camps. “A Placer High school student is in custody in connection with making and detonating three incendiary devices Wednesday. The teen, whose name was not released because he is a minor, will be charged with two felony counts for making and detonating the devices.” Now no one was hurt, damage was minimal, though police are not divulging what type of explosives were used. What is interesting are the comments from the townsfolk. Some claim to know the young man and claim he is only a teen being a teen, that he is a “sweet kid” and that everyone is overreacting. Others are fed up with out of control teens, tired of finding that their teens aren’t safe in a high sch0ool parking lot. “Bob Briles’ daughter is a senior at the school. Her vehicle was parked next to Garrison’s. “My daughter called and said, ‘Dad, a bomb went off and some of it got on my car,” Briles said. “I freaked out at first.”

The Habit of Identity

The Brileses have lived in Auburn for the past 10 years and having a bomb go off, even one that produced a small explosion is unsettling. “This is ridiculous,” he said. “Things are changing.” (Unknown source) Between terrorism and the many recent schools shootings, any teen who has an iota of common sense would have to be aware that an antic like this would be dealt with severely. The days when parents could breezily dismiss this type of behavior as “kids will be kids” are long gone. Kids indeed may still be kids, but the world is far different. A teen helps his or herself by understanding the consequences of foolish behavior.