Troubled Teen Options

Is underage drinking still a concern?

The nation has made little if any progress in reducing under-age drinking. Statistics from a report printed in 2005 indicate that teen drinking is still a major problem in the U.S. Statistics indicate that one out of five eight graders took a drink in the past month. The count for 10th graders is one out of 3 and for 12th graders it climbs to one out of two. For an at risk youth drinking appears to be an escape from the problems they are facing. In reality teen drinking like any form of substance abuse can lead to addiction and a multitude of other problems. A teen is more likely to engage in dangerous behavior while under the influence of alcohol or any type of mind altering drug for that matter. For any type of abuse substances treatment there are residential treatment centers. For a teen just heading down the wrong road a juvenile boot camp may be an effective option, but not if the teen has serious addiction or some other type of conduct disorder. Teen drug abuse is best handled in its early stages rather than when the youth has developed an addiction.

Methamphetamine addicting and profitable

It costs about $80.00 to produce $1,000.00 worth of meth We believe that the large markup of Methamphetamine, or meth coupled with its addictive nature contribute to the tremendous surge of activity surrounding this form of teen drug abuse. In an article recently published by the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors the following facts were revealed. Meth is an addictive stimulant that can be smoked, injected, inhaled, or swallowed. Meth can be made in any makeshift laboratory using common household chemicals. Meth is also made in Mexico and shipped across the border into the U.S. 12.3 million Americans ages 12 and over have tried meth at least once in their lifetime. Meth abuse has more than doubled since 1995 A juvenile boot camp may not be the best option for a teen that has graduated from teen drinking to a more serious form of substance abuse like meth. They may need an abuse substance treatment facility. One thing is for certain, an at risk youth using meth needs to have some form of intervention before they are seriously addicted or harmed in the process of making or buying this deadly drug.