Troubled Teen Options

Teens and video games

In a world surrounded by entertainment and electronics, it is natural for teens to be interested in video games. The games today cater to the teenagers and are very appealing for many reasons. First of all, video games take coordination and skill. Teens like the challenge that many video games present. Many teens play video games in the company of friends making it a fun and entertaining social activity. Video games also involve real world settings and situations, making the real world seem adventurous and interesting. However, video games can also be negative at times. Violence, language, and sexuality are all common features found in today’s video games. It is important for teens and parents to be aware of the negative video games containing these things. There are many things parents can do to make sure teens are playing wholesome, decent video games.

Parents Should Monitor Teen Video Gaming

Parents can and should regularly check reviews and guides that are available on video games. If video games contain questionable images/material, the guides will state that information. Parents should always be aware of what their teen’s video games contain and guard their teens against those things that could have harmful, lasting effects. Time limits should be set with teens and their video games. Studies have shown a link between overweight teens and video games. Video games often times replace after- school physical activity, which is vital for a teen’s health. Strict time constraints should be place on video game-play. If parents are worried that their teens are spending too much time playing video games, parents and teens should sit down together and plan fun after-school alternatives, such as picnics at a park, hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities that involve the family or friends. Video games do not always have to be a negative thing. Video games can help with hand-eye coordination and many games even teach problem solving and skills that can be applied to real world situations. Video games can be good, wholesome fun, but like anything else, moderation is the key.