Troubled Teen Options

Birth Control

It is always better to save sex until two people in love are married. But if decide to have sex then you might want to think about birth control. There are many types of birth control available to sexually active people, it is good to know a little about them. Here is a list of birth control methods.

* Abstinence

* Condoms

* Birth control pills

* Diaphragm

* Fertility Awareness


* Patches

* Spermicidal products

* Vaginal rings

These are of course the most poplular methods that one can use. The best way to avoid disease and pregnancy is not having sex at all. If your a teen it may be a better idea to wait. A lot of teens have regretted losing their virginity at an early age.

Birth Control and Teens

Teens desiring to obtain birth control ideally should speak with their parents. As we mentioned previously, parental advice is always better than advice from peers. Some young people will consider themselves and expert, and give expert advice to their friends when in reality they have never had sex. This fact should always be considered when seeking help. If a teen has any ability to communicate with their parents, this should be where they seek information. Parents have their childrenís best interest at heart. Parents are not still caught up in peer pressure and are more likely to be totally honest with their children.

Teens Dating Steady

As we mentioned earlier, we believe it is a healthier situation for teens to date as many different people that they can. A teen will only be a teen once, so it makes sense to experience as much variety in their lives as possible. When a teen grows to maturity and are married, they will settle into a situation where they are with the same person all of the time. It is not that it is bad to be with the same person, just that a variety is good when a teen is young. If a teen has one steady all through their teen years, they will never know how it is to be with another person. This is the reason we believe that a teen who dates many people, will be capable of choosing a mate. Having experienced many types of personalities they will know what kind of man or woman they will want to spend the remainder of their lives with. It is important for teens to know that there are very few methods of birth control that offer 100% protection from pregnancy. Before a teen decides to have sex with someone, they should consider what kind of father or mother that person would make. This may be the best type of birth control.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A teen should be sure that the person they are about to have sex with does not have any sexually transmitted diseases. If this is unknown and if the potential partner has had multiple sex partners, caution should be exercised. It is also important for a teen having sex to understand that not all forms of birth control offer any protection from STDís. Some donít offer any protection, this can also be a form of birth control. If a teen will consider the possibility of ruining their chance of later having a family by engaging in unsafe sex, it may save them from many problems later in life. Each teen will have to weigh the proís and conís for themselves.