Troubled Teen Options

Teen Driving

Teenís driving can be a very convenient thing for parents. When a teen gets his or her drivers license, they can be very helpful running errands and taking younger siblings where they need to go. Teens driving dangerously can be a very scary thing for parents. In either case, there are a lot of teenís driving today. Some states have limitations on how may friends a teen driving can have in the car. They may not even be able to have any teen friends in the car. Of course there are those that will say laws were meant to be broken and they will take their friends anyway. There are many responsible teenís driving on the roads today, but there are always some that ruin things for others.

Teen Driving Advice

The best advice for teenís driving would be to obey the law. Most teens driving today have passed a driver safety course. They are taught the laws and the basic concepts of driving. There is nothing that can replace experience however. Until a teen has spent a lot of time driving they will not drive as well as an older driver. One good piece of advice to teenís driving, would be to exert extra caution the first year they are driving. What is taught in driverís education is good to know. Until the teen has experienced some driving situations in real life, they may not appreciate the gravity of the task.

Teens And Auto Accidents

Some teens feel that because they are not 16 they are ready to get behind the wheel. If a teen lacks maturity, parents would be wise to hold off on the driverís license process. Teens and Auto Accidents seem to go together. Some statistics show that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenís ages 16-19 years of age. Given the magnitude of this grave statistic, it is very important that a teen understand how dangerous driving can be. Some teens are desensitized by watching auto crashes in the movies where everyone walks away. The reality from the statistic mentioned above is that somebody usually doesnít walk away from a teen auto accident.

Teens And Speeding

Many teens especially boys, play video games for hours. In the video game if the car being driven crashes, a reset button is hit and the car is new all over again. Some teens have a little difficulty separating reality from video games. They are not only plagued with the invincible teen syndrome, but they believe that they can crash a car, hit a reset button and everything will be ok. It is obviously not that simplistic and we realize that the majority of teens will be cautious responsible drivers. Parents are ultimately responsible to teach their children the importance of driving safely.