Troubled Teen Options

Teen Drug and Substance Abuse

It is easy for a teen to find substances to abuse today To fully understand substance abuse it is important to have a basic knowledge of the various types of substances that are being abused by the at risk teen. We will try to provide some basic information about the symptoms, signs, and end results of the teen drugs of choice. Teen drug abuse continues to be an area of concern for parents, educators, and law enforcement agencies today. In some cases teen drinking, may be an attempt to self medicate for a non-diagnosed illness or conduct disorder. For a troubled teen that is self medicating a juvenile boot camp may not be the best placement option. They may be better served in a substance abuse treatment facility. One drug that is sometimes used by the at risk teen is referred to as Special K it is also known as Ketamine Slang or Street Names: K, Vitamin K, and Cat Valiums. The signs of abuse of this item are: impaired attention, learning ability, and memory.

What happens in a boarding school for troubled teens?

Daily life in a boarding school Schools for troubled teens are all different and all have different schedules but one thing they all have in common is structure. Most troubled teen schools begin their day around 6:00 am. They usually include some type of academic component, physical exercise, and usually some form of group counseling. Some schools utilize peer pressure to motivate the students, and others rely on the staff to rule every move of the teen. Boot camps for troubled teens are structured like the military and the youth are treated like new recruits. In summary, structure is the main component in most programs, from teen boot camps to boarding schools. Oddly enough the troubled teens seem to thrive in, and even enjoy the highly structured environment. Finding help for a teen troubled with substance abuse, and defiant behavior can be a difficult task.