Troubled Teen Options

Teens Drunk Driving

Teens that become intoxicated may not realize the danger of driving while they are drunk. When a teen climbs behind the wheel while drinking they sincerely believe that nothing will happen to them. As a teen you will face many pressures. If you are pressured to drive after you have been drinking, you should consider the alternatives and consequences that could result from doing so. When you drive even after one drink, you are less capable and your reaction time is reduced. There are many studies that prove this is so. Not only is your judgement slowed down but your depth perception is not functioning correctly. Most teens that get behind the wheel think that they are not that drunk and can handle driving. They think even if they are driving a few miles to a friends house will be all right. A lot of drunk driving accidents have happened on small roads where the drunk driver thought nothing would happen.

Teens Driving Drunk

Teens driving drunk are responsible for a great deal of damage and even death every year as a result of driving drunk. The teen drinking problem may seem like a non issue if you are a teen. Please don’t underestimate the facts associated with the impairment that happens to you when you drink. Even the most intelligent teen will be impaired when they drink and drive. If you are a teen driving drunk, you should evaluate your behaviors and make a decision to refrain from drinking while you drive.

Teens And Driving

Teens and driving can sometimes mix like oil and water. The problems associated with teen driving can be associated with immaturity and lack of experience. When you are a teen it is important for you to realize the responsibility associated with setting behind the wheel. When you are driving it is important that you refrain from engaging in activities that could distract from your driving.

Teens Texting And Driving

If you are a teen that is texting and driving, we would urge you to discontinue this practice. No matter how good at texting you are, you can not drive and carry on a conversation with another person via text and drive effectively. You may be able to get away with it occasionally but you it will eventually catch up with you. Teen’s texting and driving or teens drinking and driving are much more likely to get in an accident. Even though it is legal to drive and text, or drive and talk on the cell phone, we urge you to focus on driving while you are driving. Texting and cell phone conversations detract from what is already a dangerous task.