Troubled Teen Options

Teen Gangs

Teenís gangs are becoming more and more popular as families become more disfranchised. What a teenís gang provides for many young people is a family. Teenís gang for many young people is the only family they know. It is well known what things are required for a teen or child to join a gang. Ideally teens will not join gangs and they will fade into the sunset. This is obviously not going to happen, so parents need to be vigilante to keep their kids out of gangs. Once a teen is involved in or has joined a gang, it will be difficult if not impossible for them to leave it.

Teen Gangs And Schools

Teenís gangs and schools are a terrible mix. Some schools are not only segregated by race, but by gangs as well. If a teen wears the wrong color to school his life is in danger. This is the main reason that parents and teens alike should be familiar with gangs in their area. There have been many instances where an innocent non-gang member has been gunned down. This was because he was mistaken for a gang member or he was wearing the wrong color in the wrong part of town. Teenís gangs are very territorial, it is important that people stay out of gang territories. The reality of gang life is more prominent in inner cities, but is also in small town USA. As people have moved from the big cities to get away from teenís gang activities, they have moved to locations with little or no gang activity. The problem is they are bringing their teens that have been in gangs with them. The teen that has been in a gang may be treated like he is special, as he is unique to the small town. This can make the teenís gang life seem like something to be sought after. It would be wise for parents to know who their teens are hanging out with.

Teen Gangs And The Correctional System

Teenís gangs are a major factor in the juvenile detention system as well as the adult correctional system. If a teen is sentenced to a juvenile detention program, he may be put in a situation forcing him to join a gang to stay alive. Teenís gangs pretty much rule the correctional system in many states. If a teen doesnít belong to a gang, he will not have any protection from any of the gangs. If he does join a gang, he will have to commit additional crimes to stay in good status with the gang he was forced to join. It is a catch 22 situation for a first time offender, especially if he is not a gang member. In conclusion parents need to spend time with their children, know who they hang out with. Parents should also keep the lines of communication open so their teen will come to them with problems. Some incarcerated teens may have been saved from the juvenile system if they had a parent to talk