Troubled Teen Options

Teens Jobs

Teenís jobs during their high school years usually consist of working at fast food places, or grocery stores. There is nothing wrong with these types of teenís jobs. They teach the teen responsibility and the importance of being in the right place at the right time. Some teenís jobs consist of only working a couple of days a week or on weekends. This is a good thing, as it will still leave them time to be a teen and enjoy most high school activities. The teenís jobs should not be so demanding that they do not have time to do homework and participate in school and family activities. If a family is struggling financially the teenís jobs may need to be a little more demanding, especially if the family is counting on the teenís job to help with family obligations.

Teen Job Hunting

Many schools have career counselors that will assist the teen as they progress and mature and begin seeking jobs. The majority of energy of career counselors is usually focused on what the teen will do with the rest of his or her life. Teenís that are job hunting should practice some basic concepts listed below:

* Extend a firm handshake

* Look interviewer in the eye

* Answer yes or no, not yeah or nah

* Complete the application so it is legible

* Prepare a resume

* Be positive and happy

* Be on time for the interview

* Dress neatly for the interview

These tips are important. Picture if you can two people looking for the same job. The first applicant comes in dressed sloppily with messy uncombed hair. He has the same qualification as applicant number two. Applicant number two comes in and he is dressed in nice slacks, with clean combed hair. Which applicant would be most likely to get the position?

Teen Summer Jobs

Teenís summer jobs are a great time for them to get something a little more intense than they have held during the school year. It can give the teen a chance to experience several types of occupations. Some teens are lucky enough to find a job doing what they plan on doing for their occupation the rest of their lives for a summer job.