Troubled Teen Options

Troubled Teens

Troubled teens are not supposed to be the class cheerleader, the football star and members of the marching band. But in today’s society drugs touch any teen who is willing to pay attention. One community was recently shocked to find that 15 such students enrolled in competitive interscholastic activities tested positive for drugs. However, instead of an immediate consequence, the school is allowing them another chance if they go through a 12 step program. In fact, an offending teen gets three chances. And that is a problem.

The School System

“The school system’s efforts to encourage students to stay clean by allowing multiple opportunities for redemption are admirable. However, some may wonder if the schools’ drug testing policy is a little too flexible, effectively letting student’s who test positive for serious drugs like cocaine and amphetamines off the hook with just a parent/principal conference and the option of a treatment program. The message would be better sent if students who test positive for drugs suffered serious consequences the first time around, rather than a simple slap on the wrist. Banning students who test positive from their chosen activities the first time around would send a serious message that teen drug use will not be tolerated in Camden County’s schools.

Teen Drug Testing

Teenagers testing positive for illegal drugs is a serious problem no matter where it occurs. In Georgia, teens become eligible to be charged and tried as adults at age 17, and the penalties imposed by state and federal laws - namely jail time - are certainly harsher than the schools’ current drug testing policy.” (Unknown source) By Ann Walker