Troubled Teen Options

Teens Parenting

When a teen becomes a parent they are forced into the world of adulthood. They immediately need to begin making adult decisions. They must decide if they will keep the baby, give it up for adoption, or destroy the unborn child. Each of these decisions carries with it a series of consequences. In most cases the new born baby will force either one or both of the parents to drop out of school. If the new mother is unable to attend school and take care of the baby, she will be forced to drop out of school. If the new father and mother decide to get married, the father will more than likely be forced to drop out of high school. Some teens are able to finish high school and even continue on to college, but they are the exception rather than the rule. Most teenage parents will be forced into minimum wage jobs living from paycheck to paycheck.

Teen and Sex

Before a teen decides to have sex they should consider what they will do if they become a parent. Most teens believe that they will not get pregnant. If pregnant teens were surveyed, it would probably reveal the fact that they didnít understand how easy it was to get pregnant. Proper sex education is an important responsibility that each parent needs to assume. When sex education is left to public educators, parents not only lose control over what is being taught, they may not agree with what is being taught. For this reason parents would be wise to assume the responsibility of teaching their own children proper sexual conduct. The teen will obtain information from somewhere either the Internet or from their friends. Look at your childrenís friends and ask your self, do I want this person teaching my child about the creation of life.

Boy Perspective to Teen Pregnancy

From a boys perspective the danger of teen pregnancy is much different than from a girls. The boy can walk away with his life for the most part unaffected. Unless forced to do so he may even deny that the child is his. All boys have a major sex drive, natureís way to see that the earth is procreated. Most boys will be more than willing to have sex with a willing girl. A wise teenage girl will see that she is in control of any sexual activity. She will be wise to refrain from sex until she has a committed partner. Since there is no 100% safe way to have sex without the risk of creating a baby, teens should practice abstinence.

Girl Perspective to Teen Pregnancy

From a girls perspective premarital sex should always be accompanied by thoughts of what she will do if she becomes pregnant. A teenage girl should be educated enough about the consequences that can come from premarital sex. There are numerous sexually transmitted diseases that are important factors to be considered as well. Teenage girls should realize that most teenage boys will have sex with just about any willing teenage girl. This sadly puts the responsibility back on the girl. She will be the one who will have to deal with the pregnancy and the care of the newborn baby. Every teenage girl should be educated on all of the factors associated with premarital teenage sex. A teenage girl will be wise to refrain from premarital sex.


One of the best options to consider in the case of a teenage pregnancy is adoption. When a teenage couple decides to keep their child they will have a difficult time providing for the newborn child. This is not to say that it canít happen, just that it will be an uphill battle. When young parents consider the life of the newborn, in most cases it will be better for the newborn to be given to a couple that are able to have a baby. They will anxiously give the baby a home and two loving parents. This can be a much better option for the baby than a home where both parents are struggling just to survive financially. In most cases adoptive families are prepared in every way to have a baby; they are just physically unable to create one.

Family Help for Teenage Babies

When a teen has a baby some families are financially able to step up and help out. This can be an effective option if the parents of the teen mother are able to dedicate the time and financial resources to help out. Some teen parents actually move in and live with the grandparents of the newborn child. This can work, at least until the young new family gets their education and are able to adequately care for the new baby. This option removes some of the stress associated with beginning an entire new family with the expenses associated with a home, while trying to get an education and hold down a job.